The community of Surfside, FL learns about design solutions to help their town.
Into the Woods
LU_Lab Director Chris Meyer and Scott Sager take students on a trip to learn about mass timber.
Fibrous Tectonics
The LU_Lab experiments with fibrous tectonics in labs across the continent.



The LU_lab operates as a knowledge-gathering center and project-based design group focused on the evolving dialogue binding urbanism and environment. The work of the LU_lab acknowledges the responsibility of architecture as the curator of the constructed world to create a reciprocal relationship between the built and natural environments. Lines of inquiry will be explored through two means of investigation: interrogation and provocation.

The environmental circumstance within littoral settings will be interrogated as a means to reveal concealed and often masked embedded logic. Methods of research will employ a multi-scalar approach to translate the specific dialogue of place: from the molecular, material, assembly, site, and territory.

Provocation is a means to insight public awareness of an evolving and dynamic environmental circumstance engulfing littoral urbanism. The LU_lab as a provocateur will initiate change in the design process to reshape the construction of our built environment. 

Existing and future strategic partnerships focus on innovations within manufacturing + industry, public and private policymaking, and educational institutions. LU_lab projects are set up to engage collaborative and diverse teams that explore future design scenarios embedded in cultural, economic, social, and ecological urbanisms. Through these partnerships, and expanded architectural agency will foster new techniques of built solutions for dynamic wet | dry environments.

The LU_lab operates under four principles in which their definitions are in a constant state of evolution.

Recover Ecological Authority
Engage System Thinking
Accept Dynamic Environments
Synthesize Architecture + Environmental Circumstance