Collaborator Haley Smith and Research Assistant McKenzie Waldron worked in tandem to produce this model.

The LU_Lab was awarded a 2019 Wood Innovation Grant from the USDA U.S. Forestry Service providing the opportunity to create a Climate Refuge Prototype addressing the need for healthy, regionally sourced, durable and affordable post disaster housing.   Prompted by overwhelming fact of the 19.6 million Floridians, 15 million live in a coastal communities which are exposed to the potential of storms defined by an increased frequency, severity and a slowness responsible for magnifying the amount of rain during hurricane events.  It is clear for the state of Florida the need for post disaster housing is widespread.  

The Climate Refuge prototype is a pre-manufactured mass timber structure that can easily be assembled on site using simple tools and a single knuckle boom truck which is used for the delivery of the timber elements.  The project features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living space and a porch made from Florida sourced timber, and regionally manufactured.  The structure acts as a chassis that can grow over time as families grow, economic means accumulate, or as needed.